Instagram home page hosted two modes, Following and Favorites

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20 June 2023
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Instagram home page hosted Following and Favorites

Instagram has hosted two new modes, Following and Favorites, to give users more control over the content they see on the app's home page.
Instagram introduced two new modes that make changes to the main feed of this social network application and are known as Following and Favorites. Instagram says the two new homepage modes allow users to have more control over the content they view when using the app.
"Thanks to these two modes, it is possible to prevent the display of suggested posts and algorithmic sorting (based on the people and content that Instagram thinks you like)," Verge explains.

Instagram says that in the Following mode, you can see the posts of the people you follow, in the order of their publication time. Instagram also says that in Favorites mode, you can star up to 50 accounts so that their posts are displayed in a higher position in the main app feed.
If you wish, you can also see the posts related to starred accounts on a separate Favorites page. This page will welcome you at the beginning with the latest published posts.
According to Instagram, the list of Favorites accounts is completely private and users can no longer view it. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, says that over time, this social network will display more suggested posts based on your interests on the feed page.
Two new Instagram modes have been under development for a long time, and Adam Mousri mentioned them several times last year. Some users also experimented with following and Favorites.

To access one of these two modes, you have to tap on the app logo on the top left of the main Instagram page, and then select one of the modes.
According to TechCrunch, Following and Favorites modes are available for all Instagram users on both Android and iOS platforms, but there is no word yet on a release for the web version of Instagram. It is also important to note that neither new mode can be selected as the default mode.
Instagram says the main reason is that its research shows that the current feed is more to the liking of users. So when you open Instagram, you will be greeted with a regular feed by default.

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